Preppy Pineapple Custom Personalized Phone Case


Pineapple Custom Personalized Phone Case, Monogrammed Phone Cases, Personalized iPhone, Samsung Case

Protect and personalize your cell phone with one of our stylish covers.   Select from a long list of phone models including iPhone and Samsung.  Show off your style today by selecting your cover model, color, monogram style and font!
  • Easy installation
  • Slim-fit lightweight case snaps into place in seconds
  • Soft-touch plastic finish feels great in your hand
  • Direct access to your phones camera and features
  • Not sure of your pattern/color choice?  Add a proof to your order.  Ordering a proof can add 1 - 2 days to your processing time but will guarantee that you are satisfied with the colors and pattern you chose for your item.

When you receive your cover in the mail, simply pop off your old cover and snap on your newpersonalized Cover. Our covers are different. Stickers wear out. Skins fade and slip off. Our custom personalized phone cover is more of a BFF...with you always.  They won't peel, fade or wear out. 

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Tough Case

Our tough cases are a dual layer protection with a full wrapped design.  The inner sleeve is either a tough silicone or hard rubber.

Snap On Case

Our snap on cases are a single layer of protection with a full wrapped design.


Folio Case:

Stores cards & cash.

Stand feature for watching media.

PU material with round grey elastic fastening.

Adhesive leaves no sticky or oily residue on your device.

Slim form factor & lightweight.

Minimal impact on overall device size.

Clear, open ports for connectivity.



BakPak 1

BakPak 1

BakPak 3:

Store up to 3 cards and cash.
Polycarbonate, interchangeable sliding shell.
Dual layer case for extra durability and protection.
TPU base protection.
Clear, open ports for connectivity.

BakPak 3

Clik Clik - iPhone 5/5S only:

The clik clik case is a case that wraps all sides of the phone and has a back plate that "cliks" in. The inserts/back plate can be purchased separately so you can swap them out easily. This product is only available on iPhone 5/5s.

Clik Clik

Basic Case

Basic case snap on are a lightweight case made for those who like to change a case to match an outfit at a very affordable price.  The design is printed on the back of the case only.

Base case tough is a dual layer protection with a hard plastic outer shell and a rubber inner sleeve.  The design is printed on the back of the case only.

Basic case rubber is similar to the snap on but offers a bit more protection for the side of your phone.  The design is printed on the back of the case only.

 Basic Tough Case - Black